On December 3rd  2018, the opening gala of the third edition of the International Trade Fair was held in Kempinski Hotel Djibouti with the support the Chambre of commerce. To celebrate this annual meeting, traditional dances and songs as well as Fashion Show were on the menu.Diplomats, Press and many distinguished guest were present and eager to enjoy the festivities. 

I had the honor to present pieces that I had made during my collaboration with Japanese Artist Tsunahisa Ogino with the help of curator and gallery owner Mizuka Kusaba. Additionnaly, the prototypes of my upcoming  ready-to-wear collection were also presented. The collaboration collection was composed by ethnic/modern pieces as well as two pieces on which were printed works of Tsunahisa. It was for artists and I a way to celebrate Universality in Art. 

All three being united by a common passion, our stay in Djibouti allowed us to exchange our cultural values but also to share unforgettable moments in my country. From this collaboration was born a desire to work together again, to respect our differences and to develop a solid friendship.