YOKOHAMA Ima no Africa

Ima no Africa "the Africa of Now " is an event that celebrates and promotes the Africa of Today, the Africa that is growing rapidly in all sectors including Fashion and Arts. For the past two years I took a temporary break from making Art to focus on clothing and so far it has been a humbling journey. When you learn a new skill, you learn to be patient, to accept your mistakes and to compete with yourself. 

The image of Africa in Tokyo and in Japan in general is slowly but surely changing, as Japanese are more curious about the continent and its various cultural gifts. As an African, I have been more aware of my identity more than ever in my life since I moved here.  The maximum exposure to Africa Japanese in Tokyo get is through African festivals and fairs, which are usually composed by food stands and musical performances, it is obviously not enough to grasp the whole meaning and beauty of Africa, so Ima no Africa is the new hope for a more actualized and realistic presentation of what the continent is about. It is therefore, a great pleasure for me, to show not only a fragment of the modern African fashion state but also our openness to work with Japanese fashion designers.