I had the honor to do a collaboration show with a Japanese artist named Tsunahisa, who I was introduced to through a friend in common. 

Mizuka Kusaba our friend in common who happens to be a gallery owner in Ginza kindly coordinated and organized the exhibition. 

The idea of collaborating sprung from a conversation we had the first time I met Mizuka at a diner party. At the time, I was eager to challenge myself and test my skills through any possible platform and she was excited by the idea of a show that both combined art and fashion.

Although the opening party took place on a rainy night, nevertheless, we were blessed to have amazing guests including Ms Akie Abe, Japan Prime minister’s wife, the ambassadors of Djibouti, Belgium, Algeria, Guinea, famous artists etc. 

I realized six garments of which one was made from a fabric print of Tsunahisa’s paintings. Tsunahisa’s paintings are mostly about Spirituality, reincarnation. My works were always about the meaning of identity and the meeting point between us was the theme of Universality present in both of our worlds. This collaboration led to our next trip to Africa where we were planing to spread the message of universality, unity between Art and Fashion.